About Me

A picture of me

What to say about me. First; my name. Kevin Schroeder. I have been a sys admin, programmer, consultant and evangelist.  Over the past 5 years I’ve spent most of them at Zend Technologies, spent a 6 month stint trying to start a mobile company (too little, too late) and I am now the Technical Manager for Education and Consulting for Magento at MagentoU and ECG.

I’ve done some writing.  I am co-author of “The IBM i Programmer’s Guide to PHP” and the  book  “You want to do WHAT with PHP?”, which has nothing to do with the IBM i Series and have finished the Advanced Guide to PHP on IBM i, which does.

Beyond techy stuff I love music. I’ve played guitar for almost 20 years. My pride and joy is my Ibanez JS-1000. It’s like you’re playing on silk; it’s that good of a guitar. I have released albums.  One is called Coronal Loop Safari (iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon)  and the other is called Loudness Wars (iTunesRhapsodyAmazon).

You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn or email, unless you’re a spammer.  Ignore this if you’re a spammer.

And Aliens is the best movie ever made.