Really slow git on Windows (aka Windows Antimalware service executable is making it slow)

I was trying to do a git pull from GitHub this morning from the windows CLI (actually, Cygwin xterm) and it was horribly slow.  Most of the time I just CTRL-C out of it and go to PhpStorm and work from their git integration, but I had to do something weird and decided to look into it.  It turns out that the antimalware service executable was eating up most of my time. For large commits it would take several seconds, if not a minute or two, to execute any operations. However, the

Logging in to the Magento Admin UI

Logging in to the admin UI is fairly simple, but there are a few things you need to do ahead of time. The actual functionality looks like this: class LoginTest extends MagiumMagentoAbstractMagentoTestCase { public function testLogin() { $this->getAction(MagiumMagentoActionsAdminLoginLogin::ACTION)->login(); } } That is all that is needed to log in… from the perspective of an action. But you do need to configure it to work in your environment. There are two ways of doing that. The bad, but easy way The easiest way is to configure your admin identity and theme

The Basics Of The Instruction Navigator

Instruction Navigator The instruction navigator is similar to the BaseMenu navigator in its intent, and some of the underlying functionality. However, there is a crucial difference in that the base menu navigator uses iteration for predictable elements. The instruction navigator is for non-iterative navigation instructions. It is also intended for general functionality that might change based off of your theme. Unlike the SystemConfiguration navigator, which is complicated but prone to stasis, something like logging in to your account is both complex and prone to change. It involves clicks on non-pattern-able