Synapses, Volume 2

Hey, it’s a second volume and I haven’t gotten bored yet!  I had intended to post one yesterday but I was painting. 5 Reasons Web Speed Is in the Eye of the Beholder I would actually disagree with all 5 of the reasons.  Slow web apps suck, there are no two ways about it.  I don’t care if I’m doing a hyper complex OLAP query if the site is not responsive. But I totally agree with the title.  I have been saying this for years that performance is irrelevant.  It

Synapses, Volume 1

That word is a combination of synopsis and synapse.  Technically it’s the plural of synapse but in my case it’s intended to be a combination of the two words since I’m combining short commentary (synopsis) with witty commentary (synapse, or brain activity). The reason I am doing this is because I do a lot of reading during the day.  A lot.  Much of it is technical but there is much that is not.  As I am shutting down my company and pursuing gainful employment I figured that I might benefit