Remote Debugging with the Zend Debugger and PHPUnit

I’m trying to do some remote debugging with PHPUnit on a remote system.  I was following the rules I had written about in a previous article but for some reason I could not get path mapping to work.  So I figured I’d ping the Studio lead developer because as soon as I did that I’d get it to work.  Well, that’s what happened.  It turns out that some of the debugging URL parameters seem to mess up the remote path mapping feature in Studio when working over the CLI.  What I

Debugging a PHP CLI script

I’m working on some code on the command line that I needed to debug.  It’s on a remote machine (well, a VM that doesn’t have a GUI) and so I needed to initiate a remote debugging session from the command line to go to my local copy of Zend Studio.  Thankfully, it’s pretty easy.  Since I need a place to store this command so I can copy and paste it onto the CLI I figured I’d simply blog about it.  Simply execute  this command prior to executing your PHP script.

Creating deployment packages with Zend Studio 9

Deploying your work in Zend Studio is quite easy.  You have the ability to deploy directly from your IDE, which is, in general, more for local environments, the Zend Developer Cloud or testing.  The reason for this is because generally the developer should not have access to production.  Therefore, the drag and drop deployment that Zend Studio supports is usually not going to be used, though in smaller development shops it may still be quite useful. The deployment mechanism in Zend Server uses a ZPK file, which contains the source

Connecting to through Zend Studio 9 is the landing page for our new cloud offering.  Using the Zend Application Fabric you can build your applications in the same environment as you will be deploying your apps to.  The application is built on and you can then deploy it onto any platform where the Fabric is supported. But how do you get started? has been built in a way where you can connect with any IDE.  With Zend Studio 9 that connectivity has been built directly in to the IDE. Getting started is actually