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Navigation Basics

Frontend Navigators Navigators are exactly what they sound like. They are objects that are intended to help you navigate through various parts of the website you are testing. Most of the time the navigation classes will be heavily dependent on theme configuration objects. The [BaseMenuNavigator](Base Menu Navigator.MD] class is a good example of this. ItContinue Reading “Navigation Basics”

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Admin Navigator Basics

Admin Menu Navigator The AdminMenu navigator is virtually identical to the BaseMenu navigator. In fact, the only difference is in the constructor where it defines the AdminThemeConfiguration object as a dependency instead of ThemeConfiguration. Retrieving an instance of AdminMenu can be done by requesting it from the getNavigator() method, passing in AdminMenu as a parameter.Continue Reading “Admin Navigator Basics”

Basic Information menu navigation navigator

How the BaseMenu navigator works

How The BaseMenu Navigator Works The BaseMenu navigator class provides functionality for navigating over simple, hierarchical HTML structures such as a frontend nested menu. It starts with a base Xpath that is used to note the root of element, usually based off of an HTML ID, followed by iteratively executed compounded child Xpath statements. ToContinue Reading “How the BaseMenu navigator works”

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The Basics Of The Instruction Navigator

Instruction Navigator The instruction navigator is similar to the BaseMenu navigator in its intent, and some of the underlying functionality. However, there is a crucial difference in that the base menu navigator uses iteration for predictable elements. The instruction navigator is for non-iterative navigation instructions. It is also intended for general functionality that might changeContinue Reading “The Basics Of The Instruction Navigator”