JMeter Load Testing

Content-Encoding: br, or Brotli compression with JMeter

Update: JMeter 3.3 now includes Brotli compression out of the box I am working on a load test for a customer and I ran into a very weird problem where I was not able to paginate on their search results page. I use the JQuery/CSS Post Processor on JMeter to extract the “next page” URL,Continue Reading “Content-Encoding: br, or Brotli compression with JMeter”

JMeter Magento Performance Testing

JMeter test script for layered navigation

I’ve been doing a lot testing with JMeter lately for Magento.  I really do like it (Magento and JMeter).  It may not be the bestest, most perfectest tool in the world, but a) it’s free, and b) it’s stupid easy to get complex tests running.  But sometimes it’s nice to have some templates available toContinue Reading “JMeter test script for layered navigation”