JMeter Load Testing

Content-Encoding: br, or Brotli compression with JMeter

Update: JMeter 3.3 now includes Brotli compression out of the box I am working on a load test for a customer and I ran into a very weird problem where I was not able to paginate on their search results page. I use the JQuery/CSS Post Processor on JMeter to extract the “next page” URL,Continue Reading “Content-Encoding: br, or Brotli compression with JMeter”

Load Testing Magento Performance

Magento 2 Performance on Docker (a preliminary test)

Introduction A few days ago there was a question on Twitter about using Docker in production instead of development. I was a little intrigued by the question because my experience has been in the exact opposite scenario. I almost never use Docker for development and almost always use it in production. I tweeted my responseContinue Reading “Magento 2 Performance on Docker (a preliminary test)”

Load Testing Magento Magium Performance Testing

Load Testing for Magento

With the holiday season coming upon us more quickly than we would like (unless you’re a kid, and many of us are) preparing your site for the holiday season is a required activity. However, there is not a lot of information out there on how to load test your Magento installation well. With that inContinue Reading “Load Testing for Magento”