by Kevin Schroeder | 1:45 pm

How much memory does Magento use?

So, I was teaching the Magento Performance for System Administrators class the other day.  I’ve delivered the class several times but this is the first time that somebody asked me “How much memory does

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by Kevin Schroeder | 1:40 pm

How much does logging affect performance?

So, I was having a discussion with a person I respect about logging and they noted that often logging poses a prohibitive cost from a performance perspective.  This seemed a little odd to me and

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by Kevin Schroeder | 8:29 am

Google finally acknowledges that PHP exists

I read an article today about how PHP is exploding on Google App Engine.  How is it that one of the most despised programming languages in the word is running (as Google claims) up

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by Kevin Schroeder | 8:23 am

How Magento configuration merges work

A few days ago I wrote a blog post on how configuration works in Magento.  While it was fairly comprehensive it missed out on one very important piece of information; how the configuration file

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by Kevin Schroeder | 10:33 am

Magento Performance on PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5RC3

<update>Magento 1 now supports PHP 5.4</update> I woke up this morning with a burning desire to do load tests.  Actually, I woke up with a burning desire to not do the same thing I

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by Kevin Schroeder | 9:29 am

How configuration works in Magento

One of the things that I have been doing over the past several months has been to write up how Magento works on the inside.  These have primarily been for my own benefit, but

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by Kevin Schroeder | 9:08 am

EAV Properties for Magento

The only thing I hate more than bad code completion is no code completion.  When working with PHP arrays for configuration there are often options that you need to remember to properly configure the

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by Kevin Schroeder | 5:37 pm

No-.htaccess httpd.conf file for Magento

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog post on how why you should not use .htaccess files, or AllowOverride != All, on a production web server.  What you should do is place

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by Kevin Schroeder | 2:08 pm

Don’t modify index.php in Magento for multi-store configs

unless you really, really have to.  I did some quick Googling on this and found that a number of places recommend making changes to index.php. In my humble opinion it is better to leave

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by Kevin Schroeder | 10:33 am

10 “what to do’s when setting up Magento” and file inclusion attacks

Found this list of things “to do” on Twitter this morning.  I went over the list and saw that there was one item that was missing, which I feel is very important to do.

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