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Load Testing for Magento

With the holiday season coming upon us more quickly than we would like (unless you’re a kid, and many of us are) preparing your site for the holiday season is a required activity. However, there is not a lot of information out there on how to load test your Magento installation well. With that inContinue Reading “Load Testing for Magento”

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80-ish% of Magento Developers Do Not Automate Browser Testing

A few weeks back I asked a question on Twitter about browser testing.  There weren’t a ton of responses but the responses I got were about what I expected.  Around 80% of Magento developers (and I would probably say web-developers in general) do NOT do any significant browser testing automation. The reason that doesn’t surprise meContinue Reading “80-ish% of Magento Developers Do Not Automate Browser Testing”

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JMeter test script for layered navigation

I’ve been doing a lot testing with JMeter lately for Magento.  I really do like it (Magento and JMeter).  It may not be the bestest, most perfectest tool in the world, but a) it’s free, and b) it’s stupid easy to get complex tests running.  But sometimes it’s nice to have some templates available toContinue Reading “JMeter test script for layered navigation”