Best Practices – Part 2

I just got out of Matthew and Lorna’s tutorial on Best Practices and my mind is swimming with all of the things I want to try. So, pretty much a normal day for me. Part 1 can be found in the related links on the right hand side.

Part 2 is basically more of the same; a list of all the things you’re not doing but probably should.

Let’s start with documentation.

End User Documentation

Best Practices – Part 1

I am in the middle of Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Lorna Jane Mitchell’s talk on PHP Best Practices and after the 3 pages of notes I took in the first hour I wanted to get some things down on virtual paper before getting too far into it. There is a lot of information that they’re giving out.

Source Control

The first thing they talked about was Source Control. Unfortunately, I was doing my writeup on MongoDB and I missed a bunch of stuff. That said, there were two things that I had time to write down.