No-.htaccess httpd.conf file for Magento

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog post on how why you should not use .htaccess files, or AllowOverride != All, on a production web server.  What you should do is place the .htaccess configuration information into your httpd.conf file instead. So of course I was asked what that would look like.  SoContinue Reading “No-.htaccess httpd.conf file for Magento”


Why you should not use .htaccess (AllowOverride All) in production

Commonly known as .htaccess, AllowOverride is a neat little feature that allows you to tweak the server’s behavior without modifying the configuration file or restarting the server.  Personally, I think this is great for development purposes.  It allows you to quickly test various server configurations without needing to mess with restarting the server.  It helpsContinue Reading “Why you should not use .htaccess (AllowOverride All) in production”


Don’t modify index.php in Magento for multi-store configs

unless you really, really have to.  I did some quick Googling on this and found that a number of places recommend making changes to index.php. In my humble opinion it is better to leave the index.php file alone and configure your stores via SetEnv in your Apache config, as is noted in the Magento wiki.Continue Reading “Don’t modify index.php in Magento for multi-store configs”

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Magento, ESI, Varnish and performance

I have been doing a little playing with Magento over the past couple of days.  I’ve been helping out Ebay/Magento by delivering some of their performance training over the past few months.  I’m by no means the world’s best Magento person at the moment, but I know the architecture pretty well. One of the thingsContinue Reading “Magento, ESI, Varnish and performance”