Using Jabber/XMPP for event notification with Zend Server and/or PHPCloud

I have removed this service due to possible abuse. ¬†It was intended to be a test and I think I’ve gotten what I need   There was something I’ve wanted to try for a little while. ¬†Messaging is something that’s interested me and with all of the work I’ve been doing on the Zend DeveloperContinue Reading “Using Jabber/XMPP for event notification with Zend Server and/or PHPCloud”


The benefit of Zend Server Monitoring

I was sitting at my computer this morning when an email came in notifying me that there was an error indexing my Lucene content. This error was generated by the Zend Server event monitoring system. I went to the site and tried doing a search but saw that the results were coming up double.

I re-ran the indexing task and the searches started coming up the way they should. Mean time to resolution? 5 minutes. Customer impact? Zero. Why? Because I knew there was a problem before anyone coming to the site did. THAT is the benefit of Zend Server Event Monitoring.


Server Monitoring, Studio Tasks and Gmail?

I deployed this blog about a week ago. Since then there has been little traffic, mostly because I have not promoted it and I have also been working on a bunch of other content and such. Since I also just needed to just get it out the door and running I have not spent a lot of time testing for performance. This blogging app is based off of Zend_Application and as such there is a bit of overhead. Since I was not expecting traffic to be that heavy I was not (and am not) overly concerned about snappy performance at this point. As long as the page loads and displays in the browser I’m fine with it.