Best Practices – Part 1

I am in the middle of Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Lorna Jane Mitchell’s talk on PHP Best Practices and after the 3 pages of notes I took in the first hour I wanted to get some things down on virtual paper before getting too far into it. There is a lot of information that they’re giving out.

Source Control

The first thing they talked about was Source Control. Unfortunately, I was doing my writeup on MongoDB and I missed a bunch of stuff. That said, there were two things that I had time to write down.

Zend Studio and PDT Code Completion Tips

Code Assist is one of those “must have” features in any IDE. Some developers are so brilliant and have such good memories that they are able to know what parts of their application do what and those silly drop down boxes just get in their way. I am not one of those developers. I love Code Assist. In fact, I learned Java via code completion in JBuilder 8. It was horrible Java code, but it worked. And eventually I learned how to write good Java… using code completion as well.