Excluding fields in the mongodb/mongodb library

I am using the mongodb/mongodb library for a project of mine.  The API seems fairly different from the old PECL library and it also came with some other, albeit unexpected, baggage. My understanding of the library is that it is intended to be a replacement for the existing PECL library and that it intends to strike a balance between the core library functionality while also giving it a more agile, for lack of a better term, release cycle.  What that means is that there is some basic MongoDB functionality written in C with

The server requested authentication method unknown to the client [mysql_old_password]

I updated my server this morning, moving from Zend Server PHP 5.3 to 5.6 but when I did I got a really weird error. The server requested authentication method unknown to the client [mysql_old_password] I spent way too much time debugging it but it turns out that this is an incompatibility between MySQLnd and MySQL 5.5.  For the defaults, at least.  MySQLnd does not know about the mysql_old_password authentication method and so this error was being thrown. The information I found said to update your user’s password and things should

How to use PHP with MySQL (without SQL Injection vulnerabilities)

Chris Dale recently posted a horrifying article on his blog.  It is called “Why it’s easy being a hacker – A SQL injection case study“.  The most horrifying part of the post was that when you type in the Google search “How to use PHP with MySQL” a significant number of the results come back with some VERY poor examples.  Most of them were vulnerable to SQL injection.  That means that people new to PHP are getting really, really bad advice on how to connect to the database. With that

Using Mongo with PHPCloud

With the release that occurred on March 4th we have added Mongo support to the DevCloud.  So connecting to a Mongo instance is extremely easy to do now.  We don’t provide access to a Mongo collection but you do have the tools to connect to various Mongo service providers.  For this example I used MongoHQ though any service running Mongo sound work. First go to whichever service you are using and create a new collection.  Like this Then click on the Zend Server link for your container.  Like this Go to