What is your foster/adopt story?

A year or two ago I wrote a blog post on what it is like to be a foster parent.  Given that this is a technical blog that post has surprised me quite a bit.  That one post is responsible for about 25% of the traffic on my blog, currently, and has been read about 45,000 times.  Why?  Well, I’m guessing that it’s because a lot of foster parents really feel frustrated and used.  But they continue to do it anyway because they hope that they are doing some good. Many foster parents

What’s wrong with the sound in movies

My wife and I saw the new Star Trek movie in Imax 3D last night.  It wasn’t too bad.  She complained about it being too loud (fuddy duddy) whereas I was impressed with the acoustic treatments in the theater and the clarity of the low end frequencies.  Imax has always been cool with the large screens, but I have always been more impressed by the sound.  Incidentally, I was really disappointed in the screen size.  I was expecting the huge 4:3 screen that I used to watch documentaries on.  This was

Shutting down Magium (and (eventually) looking for a new awesome company to work for)

If you don’t know what Magium is, it is a Selenium based testing framework for Magento and other platforms that makes it much, MUCH, easier to test those applications.  I’ve been working on it since December and it is now 7 months out.  7 months of very little income (thank you to MagentoU for having me do some training work for you).  And after 7 months of working on Magium with little by way of progress (as a business.  The technology progressed quite nicely) I’ve decided that it’s time to throw in the

Metaphysics and Software Design

When I say that this is an experimental blog post I mean it.  I’m thinking out loud here. Those who know me know that I am somewhat critical of some modern advancements in software design.  It’s not that I’m a Luddite or anything but the root of my discontent is that software and real life often do not match well.  Inbox by Google is a good example of this.  They refuse to put an “unread” feature into their software.  It messes with their blessed workflow.  Never mind that sometimes real life

We don’t need better authentication

I saw a tweet today concerning authentication. Monaco, at White House cybersecurity summit at Stanford, calls for replacing passwords with more secure technologies. — Paul Krill (@pjkrill) February 13, 2015 When reading that the first thing that came to my mind was “with what?”  When will that one be hacked and then replaced by something else, which will then be hacked and replaced by something else?  For all of its faults a good password is already stored in the most secure storage repository around; your brain. The problem, however, is that

Net Neutrality is about money and power, not openess

For all the talk of getting money out of politics we don’t really seem to understand what draws it there in the first place.  Why does money funnel into politics?  Because in politics there is influence and power.  Influence and power gives you control.  It helps you get what you want.  And those in power don’t mind utilizing their power in exchange for some money.  If we really want to address the question of money in politics, we need to remove what draws it there in the first place; power.  But yet

3 things to do that can make you completely successfull

We all have important things to do but some things are more important than others.  Using these 3 strategies you will find success to come easier. Find something you love to do – it’s easier to do something you love Do things for other people – blah blah blah blah blah blah Things that are worth pursuing cannot be accomplished by reading stupid lists, nor writing them.  What they really are are pointless marketing.  In other words Worthwhile things are hard and require internal fortitude, not external well-wishing.  In other words, Work

Why I’m not for Net Neutrality

I’m not necessarily against it either, which makes that one of the more passive-aggressive titles I’ve written in a while (that, or wildly successful link-bait).  But while I’m not really for or against; I tend to be wary of calls for more government control of something.  But the truth be told, I almost did come out in favor of Net Neutrality when I saw this graphic over at Re/Code. Being an avid user of Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video this graphic kinda pisses me off because I have been experiencing

What being a foster parent is really like

I wrote this many months ago but never published it.  It’s a bit of a rant and I apologize for that.  To be honest I don’t really know why I’m publishing it.  Maybe it’s cathartic (the emotional definition, not the medical definition).  These are some things that I’ve wanted to say for a long while.  This is my opinion.  It is what I believe.  But I am open to the possibility of error.  This is my take on well over a half decade of trying to have children which ultimately