Zendcon 2012 CfP Advisory Panel

Just by way of thanks, I would like to present to you panelists for the ZendCon 2012 Call for Papers advisory panel.  They will be assisting me in determining which submissions get turned into sessions. Please thank them for the hell I will put them through. Maurice Kherlakian (mkherlakian) – Damn good Zend consultant, but someone needs to suggest a Twitter profile pic for him. Ralph Schindler  (ralphschindler) – Some dude who works on ZF Joe Devon (joedevon) – Runs PHP in the land o’ Mickey Mouse Chris Spruck (cspruck)

ZendCon 2012 (or, how to get your talk accepted)

Well, planning for ZendCon has been underway for a while and we finally got our Call for Papers out the door!  We are following a similar process as we did last year.  We aren’t having specific tracks (which I am of the opinion are basically useless in a targeted conference like this), but we have three primary themes that we are going to be looking for content in with 12 specific topics that we have most interest in. Our topics are PHP in 2012 Zend Framework 2 Development & The

Music from ZendCon 2011

A couple of people have asked about the music from ZendCon.  Last year I had just written and released an independent album which you can get an Rhapsody, iTunes, CD Baby and a bunch of other places and Zend was nice enough to let me use them as the opening instrumentals.  This year I didn’t want to do the same thing and just play the tunes I had written last year so I had started working on some other tunes.  There were two pieces that I was working on but my

ZendCon 2011 UnCon

If you were looking at the UnCon at ZendCon and wondering what, if anything, you should do, let me give you a couple of hints.  The UnCon is the place where people who either did not submit  a talk or did not get their talk accepted can sign up for a time to speak and talk on the topic of their choice.  The whole purpose of an UnCon is to let presenters decide what gets presented.  To sign up go to the signs at the bottom of the stairs (which

ZendCon 2010 Podcasts

Earlier this year I started posting the recordings from ZendCon 2010 as podcasts.  Unfortunately, as often happens, my time started to get eaten up by a bunch of other activities and I ended up stopping the posts.  It wasn’t intentional, but, you know, things happen. What I’ve decided to do is just upload them all so that you can download them all in preparation for this year’s ZendCon.  As you listen to these paragons of PHP goodness think of how wonderful it would be for you to be there in

ZendCon Badge WordPress plugin

If you are speaking at, attending, sponsoring or exhibiting at ZendCon this year I invite you to download and install the ZendCon Badge WordPress plugin.  It’s fun and super easy. Download the plugin from here (it will be available in the plugin repository as soon as the kind WordPress folks give me SVN access) Upload and activate the plugin Go to Settings -> ZendCon and state how you will be contributing (Speaker, Attendee, Sponsor or Exhibitor) along with the size of image you want Go to the Appearance tab and

ZendCon 2011 Call for Papers is out

The ZendCon call for papers is out… at least it will be tomorrow (Friday), officially. This year I have been placed in charge of the content portion of ZendCon.  In terms of the call for papers I have several people who I will be working with to try and weed out the gold.  Those people are Zeev Suraski (who?), Andi Gutmans (another unknown), Shahar Evron, Matthew Weier O’Phinney, Joe Devon, Ben Ramsey and Stefan Koopmanschap.  So if things go wrong I will be blaming them. The easiest way for find

Planning is underway for ZendCon

… and has been for a bit now. This year I get the distinct honor (???? 🙂 ) of being in charge of the content for ZendCon. And for those who are wondering, no I’m not in charge of the date or the location. The primary responsibility I have, as being in charge of content is making sure that, well, we have good content.  I already have a good list of topics that I would like to see papers submitted for but I’m not arrogant enough to think that I