ZendCon 2010 Podcasts

Earlier this year I started posting the recordings from ZendCon 2010 as podcasts.  Unfortunately, as often happens, my time started to get eaten up by a bunch of other activities and I ended up stopping the posts.  It wasn’t intentional, but, you know, things happen.

What I’ve decided to do is just upload them all so that you can download them all in preparation for this year’s ZendCon.  As you listen to these paragons of PHP goodness think of how wonderful it would be for you to be there in person and talk to these founts of wisdom.  You will find several of the speakers from last year at ZendCon as well as a bunch of new ones.  While you may have missed the early registration there is still time for you to get your tickets to ZendCon 2011.

(I *think* that the ones marked UnCon are UnCon sessions and all of the titles were based off of file names so there might be some inaccuracies in the titles)

Caching On The Edge
Taming The UntestableBeast
Cloudy With A Chance Of PHP
Blending PHP MySQL with RPG
JavaScript for PHP Developers
Bad Guy For A Day – Web Security
Modeling Tips Trick And Best Practices
Do You Queue
Embracing Constraints With Couch DB
Grokking The REST Architectural Style
Building An Enterprise Level Single SignOn Platfrom In PHP
Expanding IBMi Applications To The IFS Easily With PHP
MySQL Server Performance Tuning
Dependency Injection
Developing Modern Applications With Amazon Cloud
Extending PHPBB
Anti-Spam and Anti-Gaming Tactics
Closing Keynote
Imporving QA On PHP Developement Projects
Flex and Flickr equals Fleckr
High Performance PHP
Integrating PHP With RabbitMQ
Reusable Bootstrap Resources With Zend_Application
Unit Testing After Zend Framework 1.8
A New Approach To Object Persistence In PHP
Developing And Deploying High Performance PHP Applictions
Development And Test In The Cloud
The Doctrine Project
The MySQL-DB2 For i Connection
Effective PHP Coding In Jet Brains PhpStorm
SQL Injection Myths And Fallacies
The Power Tool For PHP And JavaScript Developement
The State Of SOAP In PHP
Web Services With PHP, Zend Framework And IBMi
Advanced DateTime Handling With PHP
Technical Debt
After Lunch Keynote
Best Practices In Deploying PHP Applications
Documents, Documents, Documents
Memcached: The Better Memcache Interface
Opening Keynote
The PHP Performace Paradox
Building Intelligent Search Applications
Intro To MySQ LExplain
Magento Pays Back To Zend Framework
Welcom To The Dark Side. We Have Brownies
Zend Studio Tips And Tricks
ActionScript And Flex
Amazon Cloud Services With Zend Framework
PHP At Orange
PHP For Batch Jobs On IBMi
Unleashing the Power of Zend And VMware
PHP In A Mobile Ecosystem
Security 202
Zend Server Clusters In The Cloud
Desktop Apps With PHP And Titanium
Whats New In Zend Server
Why MVC Is Not An Application Architecture
Why Zend Framework Powers The Enterprise
XML Versus The New Kids On The Block
After Lunch Keynote
Continuous Inspection And Integration Of PHP Projects
Hidden Features Of PHP
Introducing Zend Framework 2
Meet The Team
Morning Keynote
Pragmatic Guide To Git
Rev It Up With PHP and IIS


@enygma reminded me that a lot of the slide links are already published on Joind.in.


Should probably have given a license.  Basically, copy them for your own personal use.  Some words will be spoken if I hear that someone is playing them over the speakers at Grand Central Station.

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    1. iTunes sucks. Please don’t think that all RSS syndication of MP3 files (ie. Podcasts) = iTunes. It doesn’t. The majority of smart phone users run Android and we don’t do iTunes. Nor should we. The world is not full of Apple Fanboys.

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you were planning to do the same with the 2011 sessions? Loved the sessions from 2010, learned a lot. Thanks.

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