Remote Debugging with the Zend Debugger and PHPUnit

I’m trying to do some remote debugging with PHPUnit on a remote system.  I was following the rules I had written about in a previous article but for some reason I could not get path mapping to work.  So I figured I’d ping the Studio lead developer because as soon as I did that I’d get it to work.  Well, that’s what happened.  It turns out that some of the debugging URL parameters seem to mess up the remote path mapping feature in Studio when working over the CLI.  What I found works is this.

export QUERY_STRING="start_debug=1use_remote=1&debug_port=10137&debug_host="

The original_url parameter is important because that’s how the path mapping maps the path to the proper project.

One Thought on “Remote Debugging with the Zend Debugger and PHPUnit

  1. No & between start_debug=1 and use_remote=1?

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