Top 25 Bad Book Titles

I’m sitting here waiting for a half terabyte drive to format on Vista (apparently quick format should be “quick” format).  So I’m trying to figure out what to do.  It’s towards the end of the day and there’s not much my brain could do right now that would be worth starting.  Yesterday, there was a trend on Twitter about “boring movies”.  So, why not do something on boring/useless/pointless/wrong book titles?

  1. The Performance Guide to Ruby on Rails
  2. Threading in PHP
  3. OpenGL for MS/DOS
  4. Building open systems on Windows and the Mac
  5. One click automation on Linux
  6. Non-emasculating Vampire Stories for Teens
  7. The Pessimist’s Guide to Joel Osteen
  8. Dummies… for Dummies
  9. Cooking Light by Julie Child
  10. Life by Keith Richards (wait a sec!…)
  11. Green Living by Jeremy Clarkson
  12. Meh by Rick Warren
  13. Curious George Loses a Hand
  14. Quantum Mechanics for Dummies
  15. Humpty Dumpty – Illustrated by Frank Miller
  16. How to win friends and influence people – by Joseph Stalin
  17. Poor Dad, Poor Dad
  18. Shit my Dad Says by Franklin Graham
  19. Get Tough on Yourself by Oprah Winfrey
  20. The Modest Celebrity
  21. The Angry Birds Strategy Guide
  22. The Principles of Polymer Manufacturing by Heidi Montag
  23. Atlas Shrugged (Large Print Edition)
  24. Thank You for Smoking by Winston Churchill
  25. Humor by Kevin Schroeder

Ugh.  That’s 25 and it’s still only at 85%

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