by Kevin Schroeder | 8:28 am

Just a quick snippet today.

I had a problem where (I believe) my power went out this morning.  Got all of my machines up and running quickly except for the virtual machine that I do my dev work on.  For some reason dhclient could not get an IP address.  Tried restarting host network adapters, virtual and real, and nothing worked.  Then I read that the command (on Windows) “net start vmnetbridge” would help.  Ran it and it didn’t.  Then I did “net stop vmnetbridge” followed by the start command and it worked fine.

Just an FYI if you run into the problem where bridged networking does not work on your VMWare Workstation instance.


I’ve now had to do this twice.  This last time was after I ran a VirtualBox instance.  I don’t know if the two are in conflict somehow but either way it seems like if you have networking problems with VMWare it is a good idea to stop and start vmmnetbridge from the CLI.


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