by Kevin Schroeder | 9:55 am

Starting with Magento on Monday

Having spent several years as a consultant with Zend, working with highly scalable applications, developing many of Zend’s training courses, building mobile applications and doing my best to be a generally good guy I

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by Kevin Schroeder | 5:23 pm

Magento, ESI, Varnish and performance

I have been doing a little playing with Magento over the past couple of days.  I’ve been helping out Ebay/Magento by delivering some of their performance training over the past few months.  I’m by

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by Kevin Schroeder | 2:40 pm

Why is FastCGI /w Nginx so much faster than Apache /w mod_php?

I have a new post on using Jetty with PHP-FPM that, if you think this is interesting, you should check that one out. (this post has a sister post on Apache’s event MPM compared to

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by Kevin Schroeder | 9:24 am

Connecting PHP to ActionScript and Flex using Stomp

In yesterday’s post I talked a little bit about some of the details on how I used messaging to connect a front end on demand request to a back end scheduled data processing mechanism.

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by Kevin Schroeder | 3:32 pm

Details on building a Flex-based dashboard with a PHP backend

Yesterday (June 1st) I wrote a blog post on how to set up an example application that I did for a webinar with Adobe and building a Flash based dashboard application (I would suggest

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