CentOS 6.3 Zabbix spec file

I am working on building out my infrastructure for my upcoming launch for Notiffi and one of the things I’m using is Zabbix for monitoring.  I am using CentOS and I cannot find official repos with Zabbix and the official Zabbix binaries are i386 when I’m running x86_64.  I found a spec file for Zabbix at http://repo.andrewfarley.com/centos/specs/zabbix.spec but it’s for 1.8.3 and simply changing the version didn’t work.  Since it’s a major version change that’s to be expected.

However, I made a couple of changes to it and I now have a spec file that works for 2.0.3.  If you are interested, here it is.  I make no claims as to its greatness, I just know it works for me.

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