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Zend has recently teamed up with several of the top people in the PHP community to offer the PHP 5.3 Certification.  It will be coming out in a few months, but before we can do that we need beta testers.  That means YOU!  If you want to participate all you need to do is fill out a quick qualification survey.  Everyone who takes the survey can take the final certification at a discounted rate!  Even if you aren't chosen for the beta!  These are the questions you will be asked (fill them out on the link, not on this page).

The survey will be open until July 15th.

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* Please rate your overall PHP experience level:

Just exploring PHP
Have done some programmnig in PHP
I use PHP extensively
I have a PHP certification

* Please rate your experience specifically with PHP 5.3:

Just exploring PHP 5.3
Have done some programming in PHP 5.3
I use PHP 5.3 extensively including all the new capabilities

* Which PHP versions have you used?

PHP 4.x
PHP 5.0
PHP 5.1
PHP 5.2
PHP 5.3

* What percentage of your day requires you to use PHP?

Up to 25%
Up to 50%
Up to 75%

* What best describes your role:

Programmer / Engineer
Technical Manager / Team Lead
Non-technical Manager
Other, please specify



If you pass the beta exam, will it count as an official certification? Or do you need to retake the final exam?

Jul 30.2010 | 10:01 am


I don’t believe it will be counted as official. However, IIRC, beta exam takers will be able to re-take the exam either for free or at a greatly reduced price.

Jul 30.2010 | 06:21 pm


What happenned to results 🙂

Sep 10.2010 | 04:00 am

Kevin Schroeder

I don’t know offhand. I assume that whoever was handling the survey would be handling the results as well.

Sep 10.2010 | 07:23 am


well i got the mail about results; i passed. Also will be in yellow pages when exam goes live.. we wont be needed to retake the exam.

Sep 15.2010 | 09:07 am

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