Connecting to the Zend Developer Cloud with PDT

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a series of blog posts on how to connect to the Zend Developer cloud with various IDEs.  Except one that I missed… PDT.

The deployment plugin is already installed in PDT 3 and so you already will have the ability to push to the DevCloud instance.

PDT, as opposed to Zend Studio, does not support the automatic remote server integration.  In other words, there will be a (simple) extra step.

First off, create your application the way you normally would.

Then associate your DevCloud account with your machine.  Go to the Targets view (a new view in the newest version of PDT) and click on the New Target button

Click the button and you will get the option for creating a new target.

Set your details

To push your application to your DevCloud instance simply drag the project to the appropriate target in the Targets window.  When you mouseup you will have a few options.  Choose Launch a PHP Application.

When you click on that item you will be presented with a box that allows you to specify the URL for that application.

When you click on Finish the application will deploy.  If the application has already been deployed to your DevCloud instance you may be asked if you would like to update it.  When the application is deployed it will also appear under the UI.

If you change your application (i.e. do work) you will need to redeploy the application.  This is because PDT does not support the remote system integration like Zend Studio does.  So, to push your code to your DevCloud instance you need to open the deployment.xml file in the Deployment editor and click the “Deploy” button.


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