by Kevin Schroeder | 12:00 am

Tis the season for Zendcon.  I am going to be giving a talk at Zendcon called "Do You Queue".  It will be about doing asynchronous computing in PHP.  In order for me to gather some data I posted a twtpoll poll.  The response has been pretty good.  However, there have also been several misunderstandings as well.  A few of them:

"hello zend ,you guys are not ready with php6 having unicode support….
and why are you trying to break existing php code with asnychronous support………"

""are threads useful ??" ROFL"

"That's what things like Gearman and Beanstalk are for."

" I do that already by handing data off to gearman. I don't know that it's complexity I need in the language itself."

I would like to clarify some things. Not because these people are misunderstanding me but because I think that due to some of the comments on the PHP internals mailing list any type of talk about asynchronous anything is automatically looked upon with suspicion.  For good reason, I suppose.  So here's a few points.

  1. Threads should not be in PHP.  One of the reasons for PHP's success is that it does not have a bunch of complexity in the language.  Adding threads to PHP would break one of PHP's strongest features; the Shared Nothing architecture.
  2. I am not advocating any specific tooling in this poll.  All I want to know is "COULD your PHP applications benefit from having some mechanism to handle either data processing or job execution seperately from the front end?"  That's it.  Why?  Because I want an interesting chart for my talk.  That's all.  Well, maybe also to convince other people of some things, but mostly for my talk.


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