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After I posted my slides for use by user groups Michelango van Dam of PHPBenelux posted on the Zend Facebook page that people could use his too.  They are CC-licensed so you are free to use them as well.  So I asked if he could provide the PPT versions so I could post the full deal for people and he agreed.  So here are three presentations that Michelangelo did that you can use for your user group as well.

Why Zend Framework powers the enterprise – In this preso, Mike talks about (surprise) why it is that Zend Framework has become so popular in the enterprise.

Unit Testing after Zend Framework 1.8 – This was an interesting presentation in that it talks about how to unit test Zend_Application-based applications.

Improving QA on php projects – Another interesting one on testing, though it gets much deeper into unit testing in general.

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