Free Music Sample from Coronal Loop Safari

In case you didn't know, I also write music.  🙂  I probably talk about it more than some of the readers of this blog wish.  But, you know what?  I just really enjoy writing music.  I may not be particularly good at it, but it's enjoyable… at least when it's done.

Last year ( it is now 2011 ) I released an album called Coronal Loop Safari right prior to Zendcon and Zend was kind enough to let me play the songs from the album prior to each keynote.  But, that's really not enough to hear what the album is like.  In fact, I really don't know what the album sounds like.  But here's what I wrote about it on my CD Baby album page.

This album really cannot be defined by what it is, but by what it is not. It is not Electronica. It is not Rock. It is not Orchestral. But somewhere in between those styles you will find a description of what this album is. Tracks like Coronal Loop Safari definitely have a rock/metal influence, while still being electronic in tone. Dark Galaxy definitely has a Satriani feel to it and is very melodic. Rise of Eta Carinae is a cinematic piece that starts out melodic but builds energy to a crushing climax that is well worth the wait! While it is a freshman album, and written over a period of two years, it still is able to maintain consistency through out. The tracks stand out on their own but are also an integral part of the whole.

You can get the album on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon or any one of several different online retailers.  If you are international and cannot purchase it from iTunes OR you would like to get DRM-free MP3's of the album you can email me at [email protected] and I will send you a PayPal request for $8.99 (save a buck!) and then a download link where you can get it from.

So what I want to do is give you the opportunity to hear two highlights from the album.  This allows you to listen to two WHOLE songs from the album for FREE!  But WAIT, there's more!  Additionally, in this download link is a 3:41 preview of a new song I'm working on.  It's unmastered and a little raw but I think you'll like it!

Download the free highlights and free preview.

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