How to use @funtil

*update* I built a website to help with this.

@Funtil is a little tool I wrote that will tweet the number of days until a given event, once a day (give or take).  It tells you the amount of time until an event and it’s fun.  And it’s really easy to use and free.  Simply tweet something like this

@funtil, My Conference starts on Feb 24th, 2013 #newconference

@funtil makes sure that you notify the tool.  “starts on” or “is on” is a keyword.  Anything before that will be considered the name of the event and immediately following needs to be the date.  Trailing the date are any hashtags or anything that you want.  Tweeting that will make Funtil tweet something like

126 days until My Conference /via @kpschrade #newconference

It’s still pretty raw, but give it a shot.  Within a few minutes of tweeting your greeting being sent you should see a message like that.

Want to try it?

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