by Kevin Schroeder | 3:36 pm

Any time I start a new ZF MVC project I am inevitably left with the unenviable task of bootstrapping a resource.  I’m not particularly a fan of them but I’m still trying to drink the Kool-Aid.  The problem is that getting  a resource autoloader going seems to be a mind-numbing experience that leads to a line of code or two.  So, rather than search for a project where I did it once before and then copy and paste the code into the project I figured I’d just blog about it so I can go here the next time I do it.

So, future idiot me,

When you have a project structure that looks like this

And you have an application config like this

resources.twitter.callbackUrl = "http://kschroeder/user/oauth"
resources.twitter.siteUrl = ""
resources.twitter.consumerKey = "asdg425yasdfhjw46ujsfd"
resources.twitter.consumerSecret = "g246REhnfdgnDFVGNdfJ6345683SDfSGHd"

Add this to your application.ini

pluginPaths.Application_Resource = APPLICATION_PATH "/resources"

Now, future Kevin, you will never need to go project searching again.


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