Podcasts are a-coming

Just a real quick note.  I received the podcasts from ZendCon 2010 back in December and opened up a contest to let people choose which order they wanted to hear the sessions in.  The order is in and I have already started posting them, starting with Dependency Injection.  I would have done the Unit Testing after ZF 1.8 but Michelangelo is doing a webinar with us on the 19th, so I will post the recording of his ZendCon session afterwards.

These podcasts will be available both on ESchrade and on the Devzone.  I anticipate releasing two per week until we run out of podcasts.  After that I'll just stream recordings of the baby monitor on my desk.  They should be available on iTunes.

Additionally, I will be starting up some podcasts of my own.  Most of the time they will be relatively short, talking about current events pertinent to PHP developers, but will also include interviews with various people.  I've already recorded interviews with Matthew Weier O'Phinney (ZF), Shahar Evron (Zend Server Project Manager), Mike Pavlak (Local Yokel) and Maurice Kherlakian (Zend Global Services).  As I recover from my wife and I fostering a 3 month-old baby girl (I sure hope we get to keep her!) I intend to do other interviews with other people, not just from Zend.  So stay tuned for that.

But back to ZendCon podcasts.  The order of release will be

  1. Unit Testing After Zend Framework 1.8 (deferred until the end of January)
  2. Dependency Injection
  3. A New Approach To Object Persistence In PHP
  4. Do You Queue?
  5. What's New In Zend Framework 2.0
  6. Introducing Zend Framework On 2.0
  7. Pragmatic Guide To Git
  8. Why MVC Is Not An Application Architecture
  9. High Performance PHP
  10. Developing And Deploying High Performance PHP Applictions
  11. Reusable Bootstrap Resources With Zend_Application
  12. Continuous Inspection And Integration Of PHP Projects
  13. Memcached The Better Memcache Interface
  14. Documents Documents Documents
  15. Best Practices In Deploying PHP Applications
  16. The PHP Performace Paradox
  17. Imporving QA On PHP Developement Projects
  18. Building An Enterprise Level Single Sign On Platfrom In PHP
  19. The Doctrine Project
  20. Developing Modern Applications With Amazon Cloud
  21. Building Intelligent Search Applications
  22. SQL Injection Myths And Fallacies
  23. Zend Studio Tips And Tricks
  24. MySQL Server Performance Tuning
  25. Advanced DataTime Handling With PHP
  26. Why Zend Framework Powers The Enterprise
  27. Welcome To The Dark Side, We Have Brownies
  28. Grokking The REST Architectural Style
  29. Hidden Features Of PHP
  30. Development And Test In The Cloud
  31. The ROI of community involvement
  32. Amazon Cloud Services With Zend Framework
  33. PHP In A Mobile Ecosystem
  34. Desktop Apps With PHP And Titanium
  35. Technical Debt
  36. The Power Tool For PHP And JavaScript Developement
  37. Wednesday Morning Keynote – Dries Buytaert
  38. Unleashing the Power of Zend And VMware
  39. Integrating PHP With Rabbit MQ
  40. Action Script And Flex
  41. XML Versus The New Kids On The Block
  42. Anti-Spam/Anti-Gaming Tactics
  43. Rev It Up With PHP and IIS
  44. Comet
  45. Magento Pays Back To Zend Framework
  46. Tuesday Afternoon Keynote – Matt Merchant
  47. The State Of SOAP In PHP
  48. Intro To MySQL Explain
  49. Embracing Constraints With CouchDB
  50. Effective PHP Coding In JetBrains Php Storm
  51. Flex + Flickr = Fleckr
  52. Opening Keynote – Andi Gutmans, Bob Kerner, Kent Mitchell
  53. Zend Server Clusters In The Cloud
  54. Infobright DB
  55. Web Services With PHP, Zend Framework And IBMi
  56. Requirements
  57. Security 202
  58. Meet The Team
  59. Expanding IBMi Applications To The IFS Easily With PHP
  60. PHP At Orange
  61. PHP For Batch Jobs On IBMi
  62. PHP And IBMi
  63. Extending PHPBB
  64. Wednesday Afternoon Keynote – Rod Johnson
  65. The MySQL-DB2 For i Connection

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  1. Thank you for offering to post all of the ZendCon podcasts! I really appreciate it.

    Do you have more info yet on the iTunes Podcast feed for these?

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