How to NOT sell an upgrade, @CakewalkInc

So, I work in software and so I know that sometimes a software vendor is not able to do things in as streamlined a manner as possible.  However, Cakewalk has taken the cake (no pun intended) when it comes to doing whatever they can to piss off their customers.  I have been using (and upgrading) Cakewalk software for almost 10 years.  When their new X1 was announced I was all kinds of giddy.  When it was released I was even more so… until I tried to upgrade.

fail 1

What?  I need to get customer service to validate that I can purchase your software?  Never mind that all of my purchases can be easily seen on my existing account.

So, me being a loyal customer (did I say I've been using their stuff for almost 10 years) I contacted Cakewalk technical support… last Wednesday.

fail 2

Today is Monday the 13th and I'm still waiting for customer support to give me permission to upgrade their software.

Like I said; I'm in the software business and I know that sometimes you can't just let things go.  But seriously?  I have NEVER  seen a company force you to wait for customer service to give you the green light to PURCHASE an upgrade for a RELEASED software package.  I already have a love/hate relationship with Sonar.  Guess which way the scale is starting to tip…

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