Storing an object in a Zend_Auth session

I saw on our Zend Technologies page on Facebook a question on how to get a logged in user profile when using Zend_Auth.  The exact question was this:

hye guys, i need help in Zend … i m implmenting web based application using zend framework the version i am using is 1.9.5 but i got a problem, i dont know how to display a user profile once he or she login into the system? anybody can help me doing so? i tried googling but mostly the code there is for zend 1.5 i guess.. wish can get it done as soon as possible

For my own login on the site I have code that is very similar, and it's one of the reasons why I'm writing a lot of my own stuff here; for the purpose of examples.  The way I set and access my session is actually relatively simple.

$adapter = new Zend_Auth_Adapter_DbTable(
$res = Zend_Auth::getInstance()->authenticate($adapter);
if ($res->isValid()) {
    $ut = new Model_DbTable_User();
    $user = $ut->find(

... etc/


Basically, what I do is create my adapter, set my identity and my credential and do my regular authentication.  However, once have authenticated I get a new user module, which is what all of the users are based off of and do a find on the primary key.  Then I take the Zend_Auth instance, get the storage and write the model instance to the storage of the Zend_Auth instance.  Then later on if I want to get any infomation I can just call Zend_Auth::getInstance()->getIdentity().


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