PHP 5.3 Certification Beta Testers Needed

Zend has recently teamed up with several of the top people in the PHP community to offer the PHP 5.3 Certification. It will be coming out in a few months, but before we can do that we need beta testers. That means YOU! If you want to participate all you need to do is fill out a quick qualification survey. Everyone who takes the survey can take the final certification at a discounted rate! Even if you aren’t chosen for the beta! These are the questions you will be asked (fill them out on the link, not on this page).

Zend Server is proprietary. NNNOOOOO!!!!

In my Do You Queue article there was a comment posted about open source alternatives to Zend Server’s Job Queue. Being somewhat of an open source afficionado (I can spell that thanks to my love of fine tobacco products) that is a position that I can relate to. I have heard several times “I like what Zend Server offers but I only want to use open software, or I don’t think the features are worth the money.” I understand why. “Open” is the new black, and has been for a while now. So let’s explore these two issues. 1) Proprietary software, and 2) the price of the software.

The Zend / PHP relationship

So this is my first post after having slaved away over hot code for two weeks. Well, two weeks off and on. And it wasn’t the PHP code, it was the JavaScript and CSS. The PHP code was a snap… as it should be. But this was a challenge nonetheless. So the question now is what to write about. And given that this is a first post it will be one of those things that will be way down at the end of every search result and every tag list. And since it is the first posting nobody will probably read it except for my Mom.