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Taking a cue from TIOBE, where you can take Google search results and make them mean anything that you want them to, I decided that I was going to try an experiment and see if I could discern, from Google search results, how likely a programmer for a given language would engage in ass-hattery.

In short, this is the most important programming index you will ever see.  And unlike many other indexes I will put my hastily concocted formula up front and center for your enjoyment and ridicule.

The formula is

(“Google search for ‘X rocks’ / “Google search for ‘X sucks’) * (language score sum / X language score)

I got Google results for PHP, Ruby On Rails, Java, Python, C, C++, Objective-C, C# and JavaScript.  I took the language score from Lang Pop.  The language popularity values for each of the programming languages is

PHP Ruby On Rails Java Python C C++ Objective-C C# JavaScript
5591 667 6930 4240 9948 5584 352 429 1572

The sum of all of these is 35313.

To illustrate the formula the Python Programmer Ass-hattery score is 20.6387.  “Python rocks” results are 11,300, “Python sucks” is 4560.  So the formula would look like this.  (11300 / 4560) * (35313 / 4240).  Generally, the higher the score, the more likely you will want them to wear there ass as a hat.

The theory is that the louder one talks compared to their actual popularity the more likely they will engage in ass-hattery.

The results for the First Annual Report on Programmer Ass-hattery are:

The 2013 Kevin Schroeder Report on Programmer Ass-hattery

It’s math so it can’t be wrong.

Comments proving ass-hattery will either be deleted or ridiculed.  This was meant as fun (unlike some other indexes).


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