by Kevin Schroeder | 8:16 am

As you may have heard, I recently finished my second album, named Loudness Wars, and sent it off to my mastering engineer.  I expect that it will be ready to go some time in the April/May timeframe.  But does that mean that I’m resting on my laurels?  No!  I’ve been thinking about what my next attempt at musical greatness will be.  And given that I’m a developer (wrapped in marketing clothing, but still, a developer at the core) I started thinking about what other developers might like to hear.  I did some searching and found that while there are tons of developer playlists out there, there does not seem to be a specific album that was written for developers.  I’d like to write that album.

But to do so, I’d like a little input from the other devs out there.  What does your typical playlist look like?  I have an idea of what I think this album should sound like, but I’m writing it for the coding community at large and that means that, unlike the last two albums, I’m writing this one for others.

To help find out what y’all would like to hear, I have concocted a quick poll to gauge what your playlists look like.  If I don’t provide sufficient choices for you, feel free to put a comment in the comments section.


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