Looking for album reviewers

I have received the masters from my incredible mastering engineer.  Incredible not so much because it sounds great (because it does) but because he worked all night to tune the album to the place where I wanted it.  Finding people who do good work is relatively hard, but finding people who do good work and are THAT dedicated to your project is damn near impossible.

So I’m ordering a couple of physical CD’s, getting some shirts made, getting some videos ready and readying myself for a May 1st release.

But I would like to have is a couple of reviews from two individuals to get some independent thoughts on them.  If you are a fan of electronic music, movie soundtracks and some nice heavy guitars and have a public forum like a blog where you can post the review (and if you don’t mind me quoting the review in full or in part) I would love to send you a copy of my album, Loudness Wars.

You can ping me over email, Twitter, in the comments below or on my Facebook fan page.

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