New album coming out

Right prior to ZendCon 2010 I released an album called Coronal Loop Safari.  It was a decent album, but not one that really “fit” well with the style that I find most compelling.  The album was a little “rock-y” but mostly dance-like.  Given that I’ve been a metalhead since the day of my birth the album always seemed a little light.  I like a little grit.  I like it to hit my chest and say “I bet you could beat up Chuck Liddell right now” to which I would reply “Hell yeah”.

Part of the reason for that, I believe, is the gear.  Since I work on Windows I work with Roland’s SONAR Producer.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great software package, but the synths that it provides tend to be more “dance-y”.  This time around I’ve been buying up a couple of synths from Native Instruments, specifically 3 products from Heavyocity called Evolve and Evolve Mutations (1 & 2).  They are more cinematic in nature (think Hans Zimmer) and give me a lot of really nice, dark tones and chest-pounding percussion.  Given my German/Russian background I also seem to tend towards deep orchestra tones and so I also purchased Session Strings Pro since my dream sound would include a full orchestra and the Vienna Symphonic Library is a little out of my price range and given that I have a very full time job I don’t have the time to orchestrate the whole thing.  The last link was Razor, also by Native Instruments.  It’s an additive synthesizer and it gives me some of the aggressive tones that I really like with some great modulations to play with.

So far I have about a half dozen or so instrumentals done and I’m really quite pleased with it.  The pieces are what I like.  They are heavy.  There’s some good solid beats in there.  Some wild synths and some hair-raising guitars.  It’s also cinematic.  I like music that changes throughout.  I like it when music starts soft and then hits you hard enough to cause cardiac arrest.  Similarly I like it when music starts out intense but has brief interludes of solitude that let you catch your breath.  While I still have a few tunes to knock out I am really getting excited about this.  Once it is done it will have been about a year and a half since my first release where I gained a baby through foster care, lost the baby (she went to a family member) and gained three more foster children who all have their unique needs.  Finding time to write has been hard.  But the writing is worth it.  I don’t recall the author, but someone once said “I don’t like writing a book, but I love having written it”.  In other words, the process is difficult.  Triple-y so when you lose a baby.

The music stopped for a while but it’s starting to come back, and hard.  This time around the music I publish will be closer to my soul.  It will have highs, lows, change-ups, slow downs, accelerations with catchy beats.  My best work so far, in my opinion, and something I am really looking forward to sharing.  It will still be a few months, but I’m coming back.  And this time you better wear a cup.

Now to go kick Chuck Liddell’s butt.

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