by Kevin Schroeder | 11:58 am

Zend Server 5.6 is out.  I’m actually pretty stoked about this release.  Here’s a few reasons why.

  1. Zend Server CE now contains the full Zend Server stack.  Why do I find this exciting?  Because the upgrade path from CE to the full version is stupid easy.  That means you can try out all of the features in Zend Server and if you don’t want them, just let the license expire.  I call it a gateway drug.  Seriously.  Get Studio or PDT and try the deployment feature.  If you’re not using it you’ll ask yourself “why am I not doing this?”
  2. All of you Mac users can finally stop bitching and complaining about the lack of Mac support.  We don’t (and probably won’t) support Mac for production (does anyone besides Apple actually use their server products in production?) but for dev work you now get the full stack on your Mac.  This is not GA yet but will be later on.  If you want a preview release you can go to
  3. Fault tolerance in the Job Queue through MySQL clustering.  In clustered environments job queue information has moved from local storage to remote MySQL storage.  So you can have a single MySQL server sitting there, a clustered setup or RDS or some other cloud-based DB, it doesn’t matter.  If it can be accessed using the MySQL drivers then it can be used by the new Job Queue.


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Jan 06.2012 | 04:27 pm


Is there a way to install only the PHP binary (no apache)?

Jan 11.2012 | 03:14 pm

    Kevin Schroeder

    I don’t believe so but I will check on it for you.

    Jan 13.2012 | 07:48 pm


    @wilmoore Sorry for the delay. The response I got was this:

    We are not planning of splitting the pack in Mac.

    I can suggest two things( did not try it myself)

    1. Install it on one computer and take whatever components needed to another mac.

    2. Remove apache start from so apache will remain off (there are two zendctl, one in bin folder and one in init)

    Jan 16.2012 | 10:04 am



      Thanks… I’ll have to try that sometime.

      Jan 16.2012 | 11:08 am

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Jan 17.2012 | 12:27 am

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