I got me a Bumblebee

Zendcon is around the corner. I was at Adobe MAX last week and so I was debating whether or not I would stay the weekend in San Francisco. I’m not much of a night life person, or a partier. In fact, I usually prefer to work behind the scenes (kind of odd given my role next week). However, what I love to do is drive. Long, lonely highways or crazy windy roads. I love both. However, I live in Texas. We have plenty of long, lonely highways but nothing that’s really crazy windy (as in wind-y). So, if I ever stay in San Francisco over a weekend I like to take my car out and drive some of the roads out here. There are some great roads in the bay area that feed the crazy, windy person in me.

Zendcon coming up

I had just tweeted something about Zendcon; how there were so many good sessions that it sucks that attendees have to choose between so many good ones. I mean, look at the sessions that immediately follow the keynote on Tuesday.

Integrating PHP with RabbitMQ – Alvaro Videla

A new approach to object persistence in PHP – Stefan Priebsch

The State of SOAP in PHP – David Zuelke

Advanced Date/Time Handling with PHP – Derick Rethans

Documents, documents, documents – Matthew Weier O’Phinney

The music from Zendcon 2009

So there’s been a little bit of interest in the music I wrote for Zendcon in ’09. Some people liked it, some didn’t. I remember reading some of the Twitter posts on the wall and feeling a little nervous. The sound guys played it more up-front than I was expecting. I had no idea that they were going to turn it up the way they did. It wasn’t that loud (according to Kevin’s reckoning ) but I was expecting it to be background music. So the fact that I wasn’t chased out of there with pitchforks made me glad.