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I had just tweeted something about Zendcon; how there were so many good sessions that it sucks that attendees have to choose between so many good ones.  I mean, look at the sessions that immediately follow the keynote on Tuesday.

  • Integrating PHP with RabbitMQ – Alvaro Videla
  • A new approach to object persistence in PHP – Stefan Priebsch
  • The State of SOAP in PHP – David Zuelke
  • Advanced Date/Time Handling with PHP – Derick Rethans
  • Documents, documents, documents – Matthew Weier O'Phinney

How many of those do you think I want to attend?  2? 3?  How about all of them.  In fact, out of 60-ish or so (I only kinda counted them), there are only a small handful that I could afford to miss.  I've been at Zend for over 4 years now and have been to as many Zendcons and I don't recall being as excited about our list of talks as I am this year.

But it's not just topics, but also partners, customers and vendors who are talking.  Sometimes people think of these as "marketing" talks, and, as such, worth ignoring.  But we've got talks by Ryan Stewart at Adobe, who knows his stuff. Josh Holmes, who knows his stuff (and is bringing brownies…. for real…. actual brownies).  I've not met Jeff Kibler from InfoBright, but I know what InfoBright does and it's pretty cool.  We've also got VMWare, PHPStorm and Oracle giving presentations as well.  I can't speak for all of those talks but these seem to be TECHNICAL talks and not just stuff from the Marketing Slime… (I'm in Zend's Marketing dep't).

We've got seriously good content which should make for a seriously good Zendcon for 2010.  If you haven't registered by now you need to get your butt in gear!

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