You want to do WHAT with PHP? GIVEAWAY

I just got my copies of my book "You want to do WHAT with PHP?" today.  During my conversations with MCPress, my publisher, I had asked for 3 copies to do a social media promotion and they agreed.  I posted that I would be giving away 3 copies on Twitter and got a whole bunch of "I WANTS".  So I asked my publisher for more copies to give away and they agreed to another 6. So that is a total of 9 copies I have avaialble to give away.

Now the problem I have is; how do I give them away.  So here's what I'm thinking.  First of all, I'd like to open it up to everyone around the world.  But shipping 9 copies of a book to Timbuktu can get expensive, so I will ask that anybody who wins be willing to pay for shipping from my address in the U.S. to the address where you want to receive it.  I believe it will fit into a USPS international mail envelope which looks like it costs $13US to ship anywhere in the world (I tried the UK, India and China and all came up as $13).  So it doesn't look horribly unreasonable.  If the actual shipping costs end up being more I'll give you the option of deciding.

So, with 9 books I'm thinking of splitting it into 3 categories with 3 winners each.  I would split up the winners over the course of three weeks, announcing the winners on each Friday (or thereabouts).  The standard exclusions would apply; family, friends, coworkers (sorry all you Zenders!).  The categories would be:

1) User groups libraries.  What I would do is have the user group leaders submit their group to me via Twitter, Facebook or email.  I would have to verify that it is an actual user group and so I would check it against the list that Zend maintains.  I, technically, manage that list so if you want your user group on it contact me now. 

2) Twitterers.  I will have a blog post that, for you to enter, all you would need to do is retweet the link to the page that I post (and be willing to pay for shipping).

3) Facebookers.  I have a fan page for the book.  I would choose 3 random "Likers" from that page to win a copy of the book.  To win, just "Like" the page and be willing to pay postage.

How does that sound?  If you think it's dumb feel free to make alternate suggestions in the comments.

UPDATED: I would also be willing to accept PayPal to cover shipping charges

UPDATE #2: My twitter handle is kpschrade

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