by Kevin Schroeder | 12:59 pm

I have my list?  What about you?

My list?

  1. I don’t like solving problems that aren’t related to what I’m doing
  2. I don’t like waiting for stuff
  3. I don’t like it when things don’t work
  4. I don’t like egotistical ass-wipes.  Egotists are OK, since I’m one.  But not the ass-wipes.  They just stink.
  5. I don’t like workarounds
  6. I don’t like failures that don’t give me a clue about what went on
  7. I don’t like API’s, frameworks or other things that are either too simple or too complex.  I like my tooling like I like my porridge.
  8. I would like services (DB, messaging, email, RPC) to be available on demand and with their state maintained if I don’t need them for a time.

Anything you disagree with?  Do you have a list of your own?



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Jan 31.2012 | 03:06 pm


1) Similar to yours, running into defects on the way to add a feature or fix another defect.

2) Not having good tools or hardware to do the job with.

3) Spending a large amount of time to find a , that should have been a . or a . that should have been a . or other similar problems that don’t cause syntax errors and are 1-2 pixels on the screen.

4) I don’t like when I run into conditionals or loops that don’t use curly brackets, even if they are one-liners.

5) I don’t like try … catch with empty catch blocks.

6) I don’t like try … catch that throws a new exception and loses all context of the original exception.

7) I don’t like code that makes the easy things easy and the hard things impossible.

8) I don’t like it when people say they will do something and then they do not.

9) I don’t like the periods of frustration if they don’t have the payoff of finding the solution. Going to bed without being able to solve it that night and then waking up and solving it is not nearly as satisfying as solving something really frustrating and then heading to bed with the issue behind me.

There’s probably more, but that should be a good start.

Feb 01.2012 | 12:21 am


1. When people use braces that aren’t necessary….(sorry dstockto), as braces tell me that they are needed.

2. When my defect tracking system has defects…that I must fix to properly log my defect.

Feb 02.2012 | 01:29 am

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Feb 12.2012 | 08:48 am


I hate poor documentation !

Feb 14.2012 | 02:33 am

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