Cloud Questions

assertTrue( ): Amazon: The Everything Company

If you’re thinking about putting your company’s Web presence on Amazon’s computers (using EC2), you might want to ask yourself a few questions. Does Amazon already compete with your business in any way? How long before Amazon does compete with you? Do you want to put your online business in the hands of a potentialContinue Reading “assertTrue( ): Amazon: The Everything Company”


What SSL $_SERVER variables are available in PHP

I found myself wondering what HTTPS variables were available in the $_SERVER variable today and didn’t find a specific list (and didn’t have mod_ssl installed).  So as a public service, here is what my server says. array(58) { [“HTTPS”]=> string(2) “on” [“SSL_VERSION_INTERFACE”]=> string(13) “mod_ssl/2.2.3” [“SSL_VERSION_LIBRARY”]=> string(25) “OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5” [“SSL_PROTOCOL”]=> string(5) “TLSv1” [“SSL_SECURE_RENEG”]=> string(4) “true” [“SSL_COMPRESS_METHOD”]=> string(4)Continue Reading “What SSL $_SERVER variables are available in PHP”

Performance Questions

Setting max_input_time (with data!)

I asked a question on Twitter on why some of the recommend max_input_time settings seem to be ridiculously large.  Some of the defaults I’ve seen have been upwards of 60 seconds.  However, after thinking about it I was a little confused as to why a C program (i.e. PHP) would take so long to processContinue Reading “Setting max_input_time (with data!)”

Magento Opinion Questions

Why is FastCGI /w Nginx so much faster than Apache /w mod_php?

I have a new post on using Jetty with PHP-FPM that, if you think this is interesting, you should check that one out. (this post has a sister post on Apache’s event MPM compared to Nginx) I was originally going to write a blog post about why NginX with FastCGI was faster than Apache with mod_php.Continue Reading “Why is FastCGI /w Nginx so much faster than Apache /w mod_php?”