by Kevin Schroeder | 3:42 pm


Technically, it’s resource_get_tablename, but the first usable event is controller_front_init_before.

But this is also a bit of a trick question.  controller_front_init_before is ONLY triggered from the global area.  The first usable event in the frontend (or adminhtml) area is controller_action_predispatch.  core_locale_set_locale might also be a possibility because it is set when the area is loaded, but I would say that controller_action_predispatch is still the best, first usable event once the area is known.


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Mar 17.2016 | 09:36 am

Francis Kim

What about Magento 2? 🙂

Jun 14.2016 | 11:50 pm

    Kevin Schroeder

    I believe the event is “going to get a coffee because it’s taking so long for the page to load”.

    Jun 15.2016 | 07:19 am

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