by Kevin Schroeder | 8:29 am

Testing Magento with random URLs in JMeter

One of the things that I think is important to do in your testing is to introduce some level of randomness into your testing for a web server.   In the wild you have almost

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by Kevin Schroeder | 4:06 pm

JMeter test script for layered navigation

I’ve been doing a lot testing with JMeter lately for Magento.  I really do like it (Magento and JMeter).  It may not be the bestest, most perfectest tool in the world, but a) it’s

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by Kevin Schroeder | 3:43 pm

What is the last event fired in Magento?


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by Kevin Schroeder | 3:42 pm

What is the first event fired in Magento?

controller_front_init_before Technically, it’s resource_get_tablename, but the first usable event is controller_front_init_before. But this is also a bit of a trick question. controller_front_init_before is ONLY triggered from the global area. The first usable event in

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by Kevin Schroeder | 11:58 am

4 charts that are guaranteed to make you a better performance detective

I was giving the Magento Performance and Optimization for System Administrator’s course today and I said something that is either borderline brilliant, stupid, or common knowledge.  What I said was something along the lines

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by Kevin Schroeder | 6:05 pm

Magento memory utilization for backend work

I was talking with a colleague about my previous blog post on memory utilization in Magento and he noted that I had not taken into account backend tasks.  Which he was right about.  So

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by Kevin Schroeder | 4:27 pm

Using events in Magento 2

Note, this is based off of an older version of the Magento 2 codebase. With the minimal research I have done on Magento 2 recently the only thing I am apprehensive about is the

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by Kevin Schroeder | 8:52 am

(Basic) Configuring the Magento 2 Dependency Injection Container

My previous blog post on the DIC (Dependency Injection Container) in Magento 2 covered just some basics of using the Magento 2 DIC.  The purpose of that post was to, perhaps, make you less

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by Kevin Schroeder | 9:40 am

(Starting) Using Dependency Injection in Magento 2

One of the biggest switches you will experience when moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is inversion of control.  This is a very different concept to get used to but once you have

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by Kevin Schroeder | 3:32 pm

Creating a module in Magento 2

Note This article is 4 years old (as I’m writing this). This information is probably out of date. This is the first of what I expect will be several blog posts on Magento 2

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