Just added all of my tracks to Soundcloud

Why in the world would I do that?  Because I really do like my music.  And I want people to hear it.  I would also like them to buy it and help cover the costs of what is a very time intensive process.  As you may or may not know I wrote most of these pieces between the hours of 5 and 8 in the morning because I was, at the time, working  a normal job.  I’m still working a job but I’m now self-employed which means I have even

CDBaby giving 100% of revenue to artists until August 3rd

CDBaby is giving 100% of revenue to artists until August 3rd.  This is a very sweet deal.  I’ve been impressed with CDBaby with the two albums I’ve released, Coronal Loop Safari and Loudness Wars.  So if you like electronic , cinematic/thematic music with some rock tones this is a great time to buy.  This independent recording artist will very much thank you and thanks CDBaby for doing this. If you do purchase a copy of one of my albums, please remember to leave a review.  It helps other people make

Looking for album reviewers

I have received the masters from my incredible mastering engineer.  Incredible not so much because it sounds great (because it does) but because he worked all night to tune the album to the place where I wanted it.  Finding people who do good work is relatively hard, but finding people who do good work and are THAT dedicated to your project is damn near impossible. So I’m ordering a couple of physical CD’s, getting some shirts made, getting some videos ready and readying myself for a May 1st release. But

Looking For Local Radio Shows

So, I just heard from my mastering engineer yesterday that he will be wrapping up work on my latest album, Loudness Wars.  He says it’s a great album and I am tending to agree.  here are some samples.   Audio MP3 Audio MP3 Audio MP3 Audio MP3 Audio MP3 Audio MP3 Audio MP3 Audio MP3 Audio MP3 Audio MP3 Audio MP3 Audio MP3   This album I am really proud of and so I really want to put some effort into promoting it.  I will be doing some YouTube videos

What does your coding playlist look like?

As you may have heard, I recently finished my second album, named Loudness Wars, and sent it off to my mastering engineer.  I expect that it will be ready to go some time in the April/May timeframe.  But does that mean that I’m resting on my laurels?  No!  I’ve been thinking about what my next attempt at musical greatness will be.  And given that I’m a developer (wrapped in marketing clothing, but still, a developer at the core) I started thinking about what other developers might like to hear.  I

New album coming out

Right prior to ZendCon 2010 I released an album called Coronal Loop Safari.  It was a decent album, but not one that really “fit” well with the style that I find most compelling.  The album was a little “rock-y” but mostly dance-like.  Given that I’ve been a metalhead since the day of my birth the album always seemed a little light.  I like a little grit.  I like it to hit my chest and say “I bet you could beat up Chuck Liddell right now” to which I would reply

Help an Indie artist out

I’m asking for a little help. I just checked [email protected] Twitter feed and they do this thing where every 24 hours they post the most tweeted album on Spotify.  The number of tweets has been 26, 16 and such.  In other words not very much, but the 24 hour tweet goes out to 16k people (as of this writing).  So, I’m asking for a little help.  All you have to do is click on the Twitter icon to help promote the album I published last year. Heck, you don’t even