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4 charts that are guaranteed to make you a better performance detective

I was giving the Magento Performance and Optimization for System Administrator’s course today and I said something that is either borderline brilliant, stupid, or common knowledge.  What I said was something along the lines of “finding performance problems is about finding a) correlations, or b) deviations“.  In other words, a big part of determining aContinue Reading “4 charts that are guaranteed to make you a better performance detective”


I’m actually really excited about Hack and HHVM

When you get to be my age you start thinking about the future.  You start wondering if some of the choices you made when you were younger.  You wonder if those choices are going to come back and haunt you.  If you don’t have such thoughts you are either an idiot, or a young personContinue Reading “I’m actually really excited about Hack and HHVM”


Magento memory utilization for backend work

I was talking with a colleague about my previous blog post on memory utilization in Magento and he noted that I had not taken into account backend tasks.  Which he was right about.  So I decided to take a second look at the memory usage from the point of view of the admin UI. ButContinue Reading “Magento memory utilization for backend work”


How much memory does Magento use?

So, I was teaching the Magento Performance for System Administrators class the other day.  I’ve delivered the class several times but this is the first time that somebody asked me “How much memory does Magento actually use?”  Now, I know what you’re supposed to set it at, but I’ve never measured actual usage.  So IContinue Reading “How much memory does Magento use?”


How Magento configuration merges work

A few days ago I wrote a blog post on how configuration works in Magento.  While it was fairly comprehensive it missed out on one very important piece of information; how the configuration file merges.  It is this merging that gives Magento the power it does for being extensible and so configurable.  All over theContinue Reading “How Magento configuration merges work”


Magento Performance on PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5RC3

<update>Magento 1 now supports PHP 5.4</update> I woke up this morning with a burning desire to do load tests.  Actually, I woke up with a burning desire to not do the same thing I did yesterday and needed a slight change, so I decided to do a load test.  I wanted to see what theContinue Reading “Magento Performance on PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5RC3”


Testing GlusterFS for Magento

I am not a fan of NFS for production information.  NFS is great for aggregating data from across multiple different machines, storing deployment files and other such administrative things.  Serving static content?  No.  I haven’t blogged about it but I have talked about it several times at conferences.  NFS, as a static content distribution mechanismContinue Reading “Testing GlusterFS for Magento”