by Kevin Schroeder | 8:43 am

Shutting down Magium (and (eventually) looking for a new awesome company to work for)

If you don’t know what Magium is, it is a Selenium based testing framework for Magento and other platforms that makes it much, MUCH, easier to test those applications.  I’ve been working on it

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by Kevin Schroeder | 4:23 pm

Free 2 hours of consulting expiring on Friday, June 24, 2016

About a month ago I made the offer of doing 2 free hours of Magium test development and/or consulting. That offer is going to be expiring on Friday, June 24, 2016. If you would

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by Kevin Schroeder | 1:09 pm

Using PHP WITH Jetty, Camel, ActiveMQ, WebSockets and other things that might score high on SEO

Over the past several days (more than I would like to admit) I’ve been working on getting a system based off of Jetty and ActiveMQ to work out of the box for PHP developers.  While “out

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by Kevin Schroeder | 12:51 pm

Configuring Jetty to run Magento

Yesterday I wrote a blog post on my surprising finding that Jetty was able to out-perform, or at minimum keep up (depending on how you looked at the numbers), Nginx when it comes to

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by Kevin Schroeder | 11:08 am

Browser Communication with Nginx and WebSockets…

… was what I was going to write about.  I’ve been meaning to come up with a solution where I could do a combination of regular HTTP requests combined with Web Sockets combined with Redis

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by Kevin Schroeder | 7:13 am

How to change browser settings in a Selenium test

Magium tests are designed to be as cross browser compatible as possible. For that reason the Remote WebDriver component is used in all circumstances. However, there might be some times when you need to

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by Kevin Schroeder | 11:59 am

Metaphysics and Software Design

When I say that this is an experimental blog post I mean it.  I’m thinking out loud here. Those who know me know that I am somewhat critical of some modern advancements in software design.

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by Kevin Schroeder | 11:24 am

Validating Individual Shipping Methods

Out of the box Magium will select the first shipping method on the screen. But there might be some times when you need to validate a particular shipping method, or force an error to

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by Kevin Schroeder | 11:24 am

Testing Terms and Conditions in Magento

A few days ago in response to an email newsletter I sent out one individual responded back asking about testing Terms and Conditions in Magento. When building out Magium, and its many components, I

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by Kevin Schroeder | 11:24 am

Asserting page load times in Magento with Magium

Validating SLAs (Service Level Agreements) is often part of executing browser tests. With Magium you can now include page timings as part of your test. Say, for example, that part of your SLA is

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